These are the 9 best artificial Christmas trees to buy in 2021 (2023)

SPRUCE up your home this holiday season with one of the best artificial Christmas trees.

Artificial Christmas trees are real investment pieces that can be used year after year.

While we do enjoy the smell of a real Nordman tree, there are a lot of benefits to faking it.

Getting an artificial tree can save you hundreds of pounds over the years – just keep the tree you’ve bought and reuse it from one year to the next.

Also, artificial Christmas trees can be real time-savers.

You can get pre-lit ones and even pre-decorated ones, with baubles, bows and more.

The best perk, however? You know that your tree will look just as good on December 25th as it did on December 1st- without you needing to water it. And that, dear readers, is priceless.


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Best bargain artificial Christmas tree: Shatchi 1.2m Christmas Tree


  1. (AD) Shatchi 1.2m Christmas Tree Green 230 Pines Artificial Tree with Metal Stand, for £29.99 on Amazon - buy here

Whoever said you need to spend a fortune to get a great-looking Christmas tree hasn't yet met the 4ft-tall Shatchi tree.

Ideal for smaller spaces, it's made from 100% virgin PVC, with 230 bushy tips begging to be adorned with tinsel and baubles. It even comes with a metal stand - all for under £15.

Fans think it's amazing, and brilliant value for money.

'Really very happy with this tree. It is full enough and realistic looking within reason, it's a good size in both height and width and looks really great with the decorations on it.

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'For the price I am super happy with this tree and have seen far worse for more money! I would definitely buy again and recommend,' writes one.

Best pre-decorated artificial Christmas tree: The Christmas Workshop 6ft Decorated Pop Up Christmas Tree

  1. (AD) The Christmas Workshop 84710 6 Foot 6ft Decorated Pop Up Christmas Tree-Green with Gold Bows, for £44.99 on Amazon - buy here

This Christmas Workshop artificial tree from Amazon has many points in its favour, like its slimline silhouette, which lends itself to sprucing up even the tightest of spaces.

The pop-up tree can be assembled in five minutes - and goes down just as quickly - and comes pre-decorated with 60 LED lights, 30 gold bows and 30 gold baubles.

Job done - now time for a festive tipple.

Best fibre optic artificial Christmas tree: Homcom 4FT Green Fiber Optic Full Lights Christmas Tree

  • Homcom 4FT Green Fiber Optic Full Lights Christmas Tree Multi LED Stars, for £35.99 on OnBuy - buy here

This colourful fibre optic tree has everything you could want to give your home that festive feel, with LED snowflakes and multicoloured fibre optic lights.

Best XL artificial Christmas tree: Snowtime Colorado Green artificial Christmas tree,


  • Snowtime Colorado Green artificial Christmas tree, for £30.99 on Amazon - buy here

We know you can get convincing-looking artificial Christmas trees on a small scale, but Snowtime's Colorado Green is proof that you can get turbo-sized Christmas trees that are of fantastic quality and amazing fullness.

This is a tree that really comes into its own with a bit of TLC, so spend some time playing around with the tree tips to get them looking their best. Bonus: it comes with a stand and a storage bag.

As one fan notes: 'Very pleased with this tree, it's bigger than what I expected and all you need is a little time and patience to put branches right.'

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Best potted artificial Christmas tree: John Lewis & Partners Cotswold Potted Pre-lit Christmas Tree


  • John Lewis & Partners Cotswold Potted Pre-lit Christmas Tree, 7ft, £499 from John Lewis - buy here

Finding an aesthetically pleasing Christmas tree stand is hard enough, so you can imagine our joy when we stumbled upon this sleek planter, which happens to house an absolutely divine artificial Christmas tree.

It's pre-lit and a smart choice for tight spaces.

One fan writes, "Saw this tree in a wine bar last year and thought it had the wow factor. The staff didn't know where the manager had bought it from but was thrilled to track it down to John Lewis!"

Best bargain snow-tipped artificial tree: Habitat 6ft Snow Tipped Pencil Christmas Tree: Habitat 6ft Snow Tipped Pencil Christmas Tree


  • Habitat 6ft Snow Tipped Pencil Christmas Tree - Green, £30 from Argos - buy here

If you're on a budget and snow-sprinkled tree are your favourite then check out Habitat's 6ft Snow Tipped Pencil Christmas Tree.

Available to order very soon, this tree is just £30 and tall enough to make your home look festive as ever every December.

For those who have less space to house a huge, wide tree, this is the best bet because it's so slim.

Best shaped artificial tree: 7ft Pre-Lit Noble Christmas Tree


  • 7ft Pre-Lit Noble Christmas Tree, £140 from M&S - buy here

This 7ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree just makes us want to settle in by the fire with some chocolates and Love Actually.

It's bushy and imperfect enough to pass as real, complete with 300 warm-white bulbs all over.

Take styling tips from M&S when decorating, because have you ever seen a tree looking this good?

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Best artificial Christmas tree for your desk: Paperchase 2ft Rainbow Christmas Tree


  • 2ft Rainbow Christmas Tree, £12 from Paperchase - buy here

Nothing brings the festive spirit to the office quite like a desk Christmas tree, especially when it's super cool like this 2ft Rainbow Christmas Tree from Paperchase.

At 60cm, this wire-branched tree is sure to brighten up the gloomiest of winter days.

Plus, rainbows symbolisegay pride which is all the more reason to love it.

Best spiral artificial Christmas tree: Wilko Premier Snow Flocked Spiral Tree


  • Premier Snow Flocked Spiral Tree, £204 from Wilko - buy here

Fancy something a little kookier? The Premier Snow Flocked Spiral Tree will definitely wow your guests come Christmas time.

Think of it as an artistic Christmas tree sculpture.

The hinged branches and folding metal stand are apparently really easy to assemble, the ideal hassle-free tree.

Best artificial Christmas tree to have around young kids: Habitat 6ft Half Parasol Tree


  • 6ft Half Parasol Christmas Tree, £50 at Habitat - buy here

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but for many parents the thought of a beautifully decorated tree and a curious toddler is worrying. Habitat has come to the rescue with this half-height parasol tree, that keeps delicate baubles and lights away from your little one's hands.

The six foot tree only has faux steps on the top half to bring some stylish Christmas cheer to your home off the ground.

There's more room below the tree for your child (or pets) to enjoy the lights and to neatly pile presents.

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It's one of the best sellers coming in both an evergreen and frosted white finish.


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These are the 9 best artificial Christmas trees to buy in 2021? ›

It's expensive.

Realistic artificial trees are several times more expensive than real ones. But the convenience and lifetime of the trees make it worth the investment.

Are Costco Christmas trees worth it? ›

It's expensive.

Realistic artificial trees are several times more expensive than real ones. But the convenience and lifetime of the trees make it worth the investment.

Which tree is better Balsam Hill or King of Christmas? ›

Since the King of Christmas tree has slightly fewer branch tips than Balsam Hill, that means there are more lights per branch. The lights also go all the way into the back of the branches, giving the tree the appearance that it's lit from within.

Which artificial Christmas tree has the strongest branches? ›

Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

The tree's branches are molded to replicate the exact growth patterns, cascading branches, and fine, soft green needles of a freshly cut Fraser fir. It apparently has more branch tips than any other faux tree, and the white lights will last a whopping 25,000 hours.

What stores are like Balsam Hill? ›'s top 5 competitors in May 2023 are:,,,, and more. According to Similarweb data of monthly visits,'s top competitor in May 2023 is with 14.9K visits.

How much are Costco Christmas trees in store? ›

Those start at around $15. For a four-foot-tall tree, the starting cost is $37.99. That tree comes with 90 pre-programmed lights, and a remote to control them. Reviews say it's easy to put together.

What is the most popular Christmas tree? ›

1. Fraser Fir Christmas Tree. Known for its ideal full shape, the Fraser fir is considered one of the most popular and best-selling Christmas trees in the US.

What is the best size artificial Christmas tree? ›

Christmas Tree Size Guide
Under 5 feet Miniature trees for tabletops, bedrooms, kid's rooms, and small spaces5 to 5½ feet Designed for smaller living areas
6 to 6½ feet Perfect for homes with low ceilings7 to 7½ feet The best size for standard 8- to 9-foot ceilings
8 to 12 feet Ideal for rooms with high ceilings

Which Christmas tree holds its needles best? ›

Balsam Fir

The balsam fir is likely to retain its needles for four weeks, which is why it might be your best bet if you're a holiday enthusiast who likes to put your tree up the week after Thanksgiving.

What is the safest artificial Christmas tree? ›

As I mentioned before, the concept of safety is relative and has a lot to do with comparison. Thus, artificial Christmas trees that are PVC-free are normally made of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). As compared to PVC, these are safer plastic types.

Which smells better Fraser or Balsam? ›

Additionally, the Fraser Fir has bluish silver needles that grow in every direction, while Balsam Firs have flat needles in an iconic deep green and silver color. While both of these trees smell distinctly of pine, the Balsam Fir smells more strongly compared to the average Fraser Fir.

Is Balsam or frasier better? ›

The Balsam is a more traditional choice for a Christmas tree, since it naturally grows in this area. Balsams grow faster meaning their branch strength is less than a Fraser, however Balsams are often “fuller”, with more, closer growing branches.

Who are Balsam brands competitors? ›

Balsam Brands's competitors and similar companies include Gunni&Trentino, Parachute Home, Surya and Bellia Office Furniture.

What is the best Christmas tree that doesn't drop? ›

'No Needle Drop' Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana)

It is renowned for holding onto its needles the best of all the different types of Christmas tree, meaning you won't need to worry about putting the vacuum clearer into regular use during the festive period!

What is the best Christmas tree that will last? ›

Fraser fir will last you the longest, at about 5 weeks. If you like to buy your tree early, this one should still be looking good by Christmas time. A Douglas fir will also last quite a while at 4 weeks. Scotch pine also lasts for 3 weeks.

Are any artificial Christmas trees made in the USA? ›

Are there any artificial Christmas trees made in America then? The answer is yes! Modern Christmas Trees is now manufacturing many of its trees in America. Although some of the components are made in factories overseas, nearly every tree is packaged and assembled in the USA, helping to create local jobs.

What brand of Christmas tree is sold at Costco? ›

6'-7' Fresh Cut Live Fraser Fir Christmas Tree | Costco.

Why did Costco stop selling Christmas trees? ›

In 2021, shoppers faced shortages of Christmas trees at retailers like Costco and Kroger due to a barrage of supply chain issues.

Will Costco Christmas trees go on sale? ›

11 - Do Costco Christmas Trees Ever Go On Sale? You're guaranteed to get a great price when buying a Costco tree with your membership. But, if you're hoping to catch a tree on sale, you're probably going to be out of luck. These trees almost always sell out by December.

What is the most popular Christmas tree Colour? ›

Today, green is arguably the color of Christmas, as wreaths and foliage are used in everything from Christmas stair decor and to Christmas table decor. 'Green is also a classic Christmas shade,' says Sarah. 'Traditionally, emerald and forest tones are favored, evocative of Christmas foliage such as holly and fir trees.

What is the most famous Christmas tree in America? ›

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a large Christmas tree placed annually in Rockefeller Center, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The tree is put in place in mid November and lit in a public ceremony on the Wednesday evening following Thanksgiving.

How many lights should an artificial Christmas tree have? ›

If you're buying lights, it's recommend that a Christmas tree should have 300 lights for every foot of height. If you're buying a larger fake Christmas tree, its best to find longer strands of Christmas lights so you don't have to work with extension cords or multiple outlets.

What size artificial tree should I get? ›

A good rule of thumb is to have at least 6 inches between the top of your tree and the ceiling. This also accounts for a topper or any decorative stand that adds height to the tree. So, if you have the standard 9-foot ceiling and a 12-inch angel topper, you'd want a 7.5-foot Christmas tree.

Which tree is a favorite choice for use as a Christmas tree? ›

Balsam fir has long been a preferred species for many consumers because of its strong Christmas tree scent. It has dark green needles and excellent form.

What is the most expensive Christmas tree type? ›

The Frasier is usually the most expensive tree available because of its relative rarity and its natural shape. If you are looking for the best type of Christmas tree that does not need shaping, springing for the Frasier fir would be your best option.

What type of Christmas tree is tall and skinny? ›

Balsam fir (Abies balsamia)

As a popular type of Christmas tree for almost 250 years, the Balsam fir is a tall slender tree which is a great choice if you have limited space.

How do you know if an artificial Christmas tree is good? ›

7 Things to Look For In An Artificial Christmas Tree
  1. The Right Size. ...
  2. The Right Shape. ...
  3. Pre-Decorated. ...
  4. Types of Branches. ...
  5. The Best Material. ...
  6. Number of Attached Tips. ...
  7. The Attached Stand.
Aug 13, 2015

Do most people use fake Christmas trees? ›

About two in five (39%) U.S. adults say they prefer to get a fresh tree. Slightly more adults (45%) prefer the experience of a reusable, artificial tree, which is also perceived as better for the environment and more affordable by more Americans than say either thing about real trees.

What is the best material for fake trees? ›

PE and PVC are the two most common types of materials used for creating traditional, realistic and the most realistic artificial Christmas trees.

What is the most Christmassy scent? ›


The sweet, hot spiciness of cinnamon is a smell of Christmas and festive ingredient in all things Christmas. Whether it's in mulled wine, cookies or eggnog, its warm, inviting scent makes everything seem cosier and merrier – perfect for those cold winter nights.

What is the perfect Christmas smell? ›

Fragrance notes: fresh cut pine, cinnamon sugar and toasted marshmallow.

Is Fraser Fir the best Christmas tree? ›

The Fraser fir is considered the perfect holiday tree by many. It boasts attractive 1-inch needles that are bright green and soft to the touch, making it the ideal varietal for families with pets or young children.

What are the pros and cons of balsam fir? ›

BALSAM FIR: Advantages: Pleasant fragrance. Disadvantages: Quick needle drop. Stays fresh in water 4-5 weeks.

Who makes the most Christmas trees? ›

Almost every state grows Christmas trees, but Wisconsin is one of the leading growers in the U.S. Even the White House has accepted Wisconsin pines as the official Christmas tree. Christmas trees are cultivated on around 24,000 acres in Wisconsin.

What is the difference between Douglas Fir and Fraser fir? ›

Douglas Fir has a pyramidal shape with beautiful green to blue-green needles. It is a dependable tree that will last the entire season. Fraser Fir has a great pine smell to it and is more slender than other firs, so it will fit better in a smaller room. Its branches turn slightly upward giving it a more compact look.

Are Balsam Hill Christmas trees made in China? ›

A common question that's asked is where Balsam Hill trees are made. Each of our Balsam Hill Christmas trees is conceived by our internal team in California, designed by our designers, and prototyped in our Research and Development (R&D) center in China before they are made by hand.

What is a very good example of balsam? ›

Among the true balsams are the balm of gilead, and the balsams of copaiba, Peru, and tolu. There are also many pharmaceutical preparations and resinous substances, possessed of a balsamic smell, to which the name balsam has been given. 2. (Science: botany) a species of tree (abies balsamea).

Why is it called balsam? ›

Balsam is the resinous exudate (or sap) which forms on certain kinds of trees and shrubs. Balsam (from Latin balsamum "gum of the balsam tree", ultimately from Semitic, Aramaic busma, Arabic balsam and Hebrew basam, "spice", "perfume") owes its name to the biblical Balm of Gilead.

Does Costco get real Christmas trees? ›

All you have to do is add lights, your ornaments, and whatever else your heart desires to create the perfect holiday atmosphere. We put a fresh cut on your tree before shipping, so your tree will arrive tree stand ready.

Is it a good idea to buy a prelit Christmas tree? ›

Consider whether a pre-lit tree is worth the added cost. Typically, pre-lit trees are more expensive, but having one will save you time and stress when it's time to decorate the tree. Plus, you don't have to worry about untangling strands of lights after you drag the holiday boxes up from the basement.

Can I return a Christmas tree to Costco after Christmas? ›

But Costco — like Nordstrom and REI — is famous for its lenient return policy. The store will take back almost anything at nearly any time. “Sister works for Costco, can confirm. People do this all the time.

Do Costco Christmas trees go on sale after Christmas? ›

These trees almost always sell out by December. Generally, stores begin to offer their Christmas items at a discount after the holiday, but if there's no inventory left, there's nothing to put on sale!

Where does Home Depot get their Christmas trees from? ›

For Home Depot customers, the answer is simple – local tree farms. Home Depot works with several tree suppliers in the U.S. and Canada to bring local trees to nearby stores, with the majority of suppliers located in North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan and Washington State.

Where does Lowes get their real Christmas trees? ›

And it's that passion and quality that's kept Lowe's coming back to work with Sexton Farms for 25 years. Through their work with Lowe's, more families can experience the joy that comes with having a real Christmas tree – and for Sexton and his family, that's really what it's all about.

Is it better to get prelit or unlit Christmas tree? ›

Pre-lit Christmas trees provide for a much quicker and easier tree setup so you can get straight to the fun part – decorating! Unlit trees offer more creative freedom with decorating as you can choose the color of your lights as well as the size of the bulbs while also choosing how to arrange the lights on your tree.

What should you check for when buying an artificial Christmas tree? ›

7 Things to Look For In An Artificial Christmas Tree
  1. The Right Size. ...
  2. The Right Shape. ...
  3. Pre-Decorated. ...
  4. Types of Branches. ...
  5. The Best Material. ...
  6. Number of Attached Tips. ...
  7. The Attached Stand.
Aug 13, 2015

What is the life expectancy of a prelit Christmas tree? ›

Most Americans plan to keep their artificial trees for ten years; however, the average usable lifespan is six years. It's a good idea to research the company and product quality before making your purchase. Artificial trees can last for years and even come with 1-10-year warranties.

Can I return something I bought 2 years ago at Costco? ›

Costco calls it their “Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee” and with very few product exceptions, they'll refund you the purchase price if not completely satisfied. What is this? Pretty much everything in the warehouse is returnable with no time limit. No questions asked.

Will Home Depot take back a Christmas tree? ›

Tree drop-off events are often organized in cities where trees can't be picked up curbside. Check city and county listing for events. The Home Depot stores in some locations also hold tree collection events. Call your local store to ask if one is scheduled.

Will Christmas trees be cheaper after Christmas? ›

Reliably, artificial Christmas trees are cheapest when distributors are hoping to purge excess inventory, which is right before and after Christmas Day. If you plan it right, buying next year's tree after this year's winter holiday season should drastically reduce the price tag.

Can you negotiate Christmas tree prices? ›

Negotiating is not out of the question at a tree lot. If you fall in love with a tree that's slightly out of your price range, you should make an offer on it.

Why is the Christmas tree shop so cheap? ›

In fact, it's mostly a discount store, selling furniture, kitchen supplies and themed goods for all holidays. Because it's a liquidation outlet, Christmas Tree Shops buys merchandise that doesn't sell elsewhere at lower costs.

Did Christmas trees go up in price? ›

Natural Christmas trees are likely to cost about 10 percent more this holiday season because of rising production costs and tight supplies of farm-grown trees, according to industry estimates.


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