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Looking for the best dog cone alternatives. Look no further. Dog cones are often used in helping dogs recover from injury, surgery, or certain skin conditions.

They keep the dog from licking, scratching, and causing unnecessary movement on the wounded part during the healing process. Much as they are beneficial to our canine friends, sometimes they can pose as the most uncomfortable tools to use for healing.

They can cause a blockage so your pup is not able to feed properly and others make your dog bump into walls every time he is on the move.

To keep your furry friend happy as they manage their condition, you may need to consider some of the available options that serve as great alternatives to their current uncomfortable cone.

Let’s explore the dog cone world to learn why they can be a necessary evil during dog parenting and also look at some of the best alternatives to go for.

In a market crowded with all types of dog cone alternatives, it can be difficult to tell apart brands and the quality of the product they offer. We have narrowed down the search and found the best alternatives to the traditional dog cone.

Best Dog Cone Alternatives-Our Top Picks

#1) BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs

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BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs offers a comfier alternative and one that will expedite the healing process. To use this, you inflate the collar through the air valve. Once full, put it on your dog’s neck through the inner loop of the ring.

An adjusting strap is available at one end of the dog collar to help you fit it well on the neck.

Having it on does not come in the way of the dog’s activities so he can still feed and engage in play perfectly. Storage is easy because you just need to let the air out to collapse the airbag.

With this selection, you get a product made with tough material that can withstand bites, chews, and scratches even from the most aggressive of canines.

To keep the item clean you just unzip the cloth covering the airbag and wash it. If you have some felines around, they could benefit from it too when the need arises. This is one of the best dog cone alternatives for all dog sizes.


  • Designed to achieve comfort and quicken the healing process
  • Has an easy-to-use air valve for inflating or deflating alongside adjusting the strap to fit the neck
  • Collapsible: Does not take up much storage space
  • Made with tough durable material for resistance against scratches and bites
  • Can be used on both cats and dogs
  • Sizes- X-Small to X-large
  • Scratch and bite-resistant
  • Easy storage when deflated
  • Soft and washable


  • Effortless to inflate
  • Easy to wash
  • Allow pet to eat, drink and lead normally
  • Lightweight for seamless movements
  • Easy to put around your dog’s neck


  • Dogs can reach the knees when wearing it
  • Unsuitable for long-nosed breeds
  • Aggressive pups will tear it down
  • Not the best alternative for smaller breeds

#2) ARRR Comfy UFO-Recovery Collar

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Some health conditions like lick granuloma are brought about by the inability of your dog to stay away from constantly licking himself. As you look for ways to manage such health conditions you may need to grab the ARRR Comfy UFO-Recovery Collar.

A great dog cone alternative, beautifully designed to resemble the look of a UFO. It is filled with mold-free microfiber that gives a snug feel to the neck.

The product uses material that does not scrape or mark furniture as the traditional cone would. It is also water-resistant so spills are not welcome to pass through.

Like most dog collars this one features an adjustable strap to help fit it into the needed size. This recovery serves to keep the dog from constantly itching or licking without obstructing his vision during playtime. It looks Hella cute on the dog too!

One of the best dog cone alternatives for Surgery, skin Diseases, and Skin Itching


  • Comes filled with mold-free microfiber for a soft feel on the dog’s neck
  • Does not scrape or mark furniture
  • Is lightweight and water-resistant
  • Does not obstruct vision
  • Comes in different sizes(S to XXL) with fitted straps for adjustment
  • Made of water-resistant material
  • Used after Surgery, for skin Diseases and Skin Itching


  • Very effective in keeping safe when recovering
  • Allows optimal visibility when drinking and eating
  • Dogs can walk comfortably with the collar
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Works well with small dogs


  • Unsuitable for use with large dogs
  • Dogs can shake it off easily when loose
  • Pups can still reach the hind limbs when wearing it

#3) Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs

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Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs is the answer to the fur parent that is looking for a no-cone alternative. Dogs that have injuries and wounds on other parts of their bodies could benefit from the use of this suit.

It is made with a blend of cotton and lycra that is breathable. It takes on the body shape of your canine friend and does not put on extra weight on him so he can retain his carefree walk.

One of the reasons this recovery suit sells as one of the best dog cone alternatives is the fact that it can protect the dog from both himself and other pets. The rear has snaps that hold the suit firmly in position.

The inner side is lined with a pad to assist in certain conditions such as extreme heat. It comes in different sizes that can be washed and be reused.

One of the best dog cone alternatives for skin problems, bandages, wounds, sutures, and hotspots.


  • Is worn on the whole body rather than the neck only
  • Made with light breathable fabric that is padded on the inside to keep body temperature regularized
  • Protects the dog from himself and other pets around the house
  • Snaps found on the rear make it impossible to remove
  • Can be washed and reused over long periods
  • Sizes-xxx-small to xx-large


  • Fits well on the dogs
  • Easy to unsnap from the dog
  • Calms pups speeding up the recovery process
  • Very functional and practical
  • Work well with all dog sizes


  • No drawbacks

#4) All Four Paws Soft Pet Recovery Collar with Removable Stays

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If protecting the dog’s eyes and ears is your key priority then this is another best dog cone alternative. It is a popular recommendation for dogs that have injuries to the face or are experiencing some type of health condition that could be affecting the organs on the head.

This dog collar is designed in a way that gives the dog access through doors, hallways, and in between household items like furniture without him getting knocked down.

With its nylon foam-padded surface, this collar gives a comfortable surface to keep vision and hearing intact while still allowing your friend to move about.

It features removable plastic stays to give the collar structure and is also reversible to allow it to be worn from front to back or the other way around especially when you want your pooch to get some food or water.

The body of the collar is held in position using a hook and loop system to stop the dog from pawing it out. The loops give access to the attachment of leashes as well. On the edge is a reflective edge that you will find helpful during the night.

Velcro straps are there for you to fix according to the dog size. If that is not satisfactory, you can look through their wide range of sizes to get the one that fits your doggie well.


  • Protects dogs that have injuries to the head or have undergone surgery in that area
  • Foam padded collar designed in a way that gives the dog peripheral vision when accessing entry points
  • Features removable and reversible plastic stays for structure along with adjustment depending on the desired mode of use
  • Employs the hook and loop system to keep the collar in position
  • Veterinarian tested and approved
  • Comes in various sizes(X-small to XX-large) and with each some Velcro straps to adjust to the preferred size
  • Water-resistant


  • Very comfortable for the dog
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Perfect for small and large dogs
  • Works as described
  • Tough and last longer
  • Excellent quality


  • Expensive

#5) GoodBoy Comfortable Recovery E-Collar for Dogs

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GoodBoy Comfortable Recovery E-Collar for Dogs is another best cone alternative for the parent keen on choosing from the inflatable type.

This product is similar to the BENCMATE collar but this one comes with a fleece-covered surface for a smooth feel that will rub your furry friend’s fur just how he likes it.

The brand boasts of manufacturing from tough material and even go-ahead to give a warranty for any tears caused by your canine.

The fabric is lightweight and has a buckle to hold it in place and for ease of putting it on and off. On it is an opening for the air valve where you pinch and blow to inflate.

The collar restricts movement of the neck and head region but some parts of the legs remain exposed. Therefore, when choosing consider getting a bigger size to enlarge the restricted area.

Along with the product comes a training guide to help you set it up. Once deflated the fabric can be cleaned and folded up for storage.


  • Inflatable dog collar
  • Prevents Biting And Licking
  • Adjustable fit
  • Made from tough lightweight fabric
  • Does not restrict access from all body parts
  • Easy to use clean and store
  • Packed in four different sizes that have straps and buckles for adjustment plus securing the collar in position


  • Approved by vets
  • Pets tolerate the collar
  • Comfortable to the pets
  • Easy strap and to unstrap
  • Made of high-quality and safe materials
  • Works very well with dog of all sizes


  • A dog can chew through the straps
  • Unsuitable for use with dogs with a lot of fur

#6) KONG – Cloud Collar – Plush, Inflatable E-Collar

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KONG is hailed for its many amazing products that have seen the strengthening of the dog-owner bond. This product is no different. It soothes the dog that has just come off surgery, one with a skin condition and one that went in over their head and got injured in the process.

In comparison to the traditional e-collar, this one has been upgraded to give the best experience to the households in need of it.

First of all, it does a good job of ensuring furniture is not scraped. Secondly, its design leaves no room for accidents by your dog. Washing it is easy as you can toss it into the machine.

Finally, the fabric used is very tough on claws and teeth. As the dog rests his neck on it, he gets a good hug from the cotton used to make this product and he is restricted from accessing the wounded area till it heals. This is a simple but effective alternative to use in place of harsh dog cones.


  • Durable cotton fabric is used for the manufacture
  • Soothes and helps to heal in dogs
  • Allows the dog to play, eat and drink
  • Machine washable product
  • Suitable for all dog sizes(x-small to x-large), breeds, and ages


  • Easy to inflate
  • Very practical and functional
  • Soft and comfy to make recovery less tedious for your pup
  • Protects dogs from sneaking when recovering
  • Best used with smaller dogs


  • Dogs can still bend and reach the stitches
  • Unconvincing results with large dogs

#7) E-KOMG Pet Recovery Collar

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To draw the curtain on our best dog cone alternatives is the E-KOMG Pet Recovery Collar. The fabric employed on this one is soft, tough, and durable to help your doggie go through the healing process problem-free.

This device still allows your dog to have a perfect view of his surroundings as he goes about his day.

A drawstring has been attached to assist with fitting on the neck together with a zipper to enable the removal and cleaning of the fabric. Speaking of cleaning with this recovery collar, it is as easy as simply wiping it with clean soap and water.

Inflatable dog collars have the advantage of being lightweight to avoid putting on extra weight and pressure on the already injured dog.

This is what you get when you decide to go with this option, a load that will just be easy on the dog’s neck as he recovers. You can get it in sizes for small to large dogs.


  • Uses soft durable fabric
  • Drawstring for size adjustment
  • Tough on dog teeth and claws
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Scratch and bite-resistant
  • Available for small, medium, and large dogs


  • Works very well with dogs of all sizes
  • Cozy and durable
  • Easy on the pet
  • Fits well and is very functional


  • Poor outcomes with neutered animals


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When is a Dog Cone Necessary?

  1. Recovery from Significant Wounds

Minor wounds do not always call for the administration of the dog cone. However, if the dog has undergone a surgical procedure like neutering or has a large cut that requires a long period to heal, your vet may recommend the use of a dog cone to keep the canine from compromising the time it should take the wound to heal.

  1. Controlling Inappropriate Behavior

Some dogs when in distress love to chew scratch or lick a particular area on their body vigorously causing harm to it. As you look to manage the condition, dog cones can be used as a temporary solution.

  1. Skin and Other Related Allergies

One of the signs of skin irritation is constant itching and scratching by the dog during which they can worsen the situation. You can use the dog cone to relieve them as you work with the vet to find a remedy.

  1. Vet Recommendation

Anytime your veterinarian recommends you use a dog cone on your furry canine, you need to. Often, the reasons for the recommendation may be tied to any of the above conditions.

Types of Dog Cone Alternatives

Many types of dog cone alternatives have been developed to correct the shortcomings of the traditional ones for a much more comfortable feel. Here are some of the types you are likely to come across

Soft ConeThis dog cone is made with soft material with reinforcement of other material like plastic for a strong but gentle comfy surface. The other advantage of this type is that it is washable and can be found in various sizes for different neck sizes. Some can even be adjusted to fit any neck size.

Inflatable Neck PillowThis type of pillow needs to be inflated before you can place it on the dog’s body. They often have a Velcro to keep them closed to prevent air escape when being used. Inflated neck pillows are light but are not puncture-proof and are easily torn by teeth or claws if you choose from poor-quality materials.

Neck Brace Recovery CollarUnlike the soft and inflatable kind, this type restricts neck movement to a certain point that keeps the dog from licking, chewing, or biting affected areas.

Recovery Suit/ Dog OnesieIt can be funny looking at first but reaps immense benefits with dogs with wounds on other parts of their body like the abdomen. They are a bodysuit worn on the dog’s body like a shirt then closed in position. With this type you need to choose from a strong fabric or else the pooch will scratch its way through.

Best Dog Cone Alternatives FAQs

Q: How Do I Find the Best Dog Cone Alternative?

A: Securing the best dog cone alternative for your fur baby entirely rests on them. Some of the things you may need to have in mind include the following:

  1. Location of Wound

Where the wound is located largely determines the type of product you need to get. Brands give varied options especially when it comes to restricting access to some parts of the body. Knowing which one will serve your dog best is important.

  1. Dog Traits

Some dogs are straight-up chewers and the collar will not be excused either, others love a comfortable sleeping surface with nothing interfering while others will paw-whip anything you put on them till it comes off. Understanding the behavior of your dog will help you get something durable tough but yet with the desired level of comfort.

  1. Duration

How long the dog cone alternative will be in use helps determine what kind to get them. The condition the dog is in may dictate that he puts it in for longer or for just a short period.

  1. Dog size

Though most of the brands we have covered offer a way of adjusting for the perfect fit, knowing your dog’s size is key. In some options, you may need to go for a bigger size especially in collars to be able to restrict the dog from reaching some of the wounded parts on his body.

Q: How Long Should a Dog Wear an E-collar After Surgery?

A: Depending on the type of procedure they underwent; the healing process could take longer or shorter. Like when sutures are involved, it could take about two weeks before you can remove them so the collar may have to stay on for this time.

Q: How do I know if my dog’s inflatable collar is too tight?

A: Place your fingers between the inner ring of the collar and the neck. If your fingers fit well then it is not tight. The collar should only be tight enough to stay in place but loose enough to avoid strangling the dog.


Nothing is allowed to get in the way when our canine friends decide to relieve an itch. We all know too well that an itch may sometimes begin with an inch then end up taking a whole mile, something we do not want. Try out these best dog cone alternatives to take away the pain and discomfort your pup is experiencing as he begins the healing process.

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